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Launched in 2021 Vape Shoppers is the UK's dedicated online marketplace for the Vaping and e cigarette community. Using Leading edge technology we bring together UK Vape retailers with Vape users, providing great pricing for Liquids, kits, coils and accessories.


What We Do

We are an online marketplace.

We provide UK vape and e cigarette users the ability to purchase all their vaping needs from one place.

We work with UK Vape retailers to provide a platform where they can sell their products to consumers  

An Alternative to big anonymous global marketplace providers

We are a UK Company serving the UK e cigarette and vaping market.

We are owned by UK Vapers for Vapers in the UK.

We are not some massive global player offering a sterile platform that does not understand the nuances of the Vaping industry and the respective UK legislation.

We know the market and the UK's legislation. We are NOT bound by issues happening in the US.

Who We Are

We are a UK owned private company.
We are based in the UK.
Our customer support is based in the UK.
Any issues? we deal with them in the UK.
Furthermore you can actually speak to us..... unlike a couple of the large marketplaces where you have to ring an international customer support number only to be told that you cannot speak to the department you need..... not really very helpful.
Why are these things important and service levels
  • Speedy response
  • Clear and comprehensible support
  • You can actually speak to every department in the company, nobody is hiding....
  • We are vapers therefore we understand some of the issues our customers face
  • We commit to responding to you within 48 business hours on your queries regarding your account with us. ( If its a buyer query you need to message the Vendor... Thanks)
  • We are fully TPD compliant so you know you can buy safely
  • We take Age Verification seriously so you know we are a responsible e commerce marketplace

Lets all behave...

We are a legally compliant business.

We expect our vendors and customers to do the same

What does this actually mean?
Customers and buyers
We comply with Age Verification rules. This is an over 18 business and we expect our customers to be over 18. to comply with the law we require customers to verify their age before they can complete a sale on our sight.
While this might take a bit of time, maybe a minute or two, we do require this. If you do not want to do this then I am sorry we are not willing to risk our business so that you can break the law. Full stop end of......
Vendors and Sellers
We are responsible business peopel and we expect our Vendors to be the same. If you want to operate on this site then please do the same.
What does this mean to vendors?
You MUST comply with legislation if you want to operate on this site. You must age verify your customers
You must comply with TPD legislation. If you do not know it then we suggest you go and read up on it. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.

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Why shop with Vape Shoppers?

We have been on the big marketplaces and got fed up with the anonymous goings on in the background.

Driven by the politics of the US we decided that we should create a UK marketplace for UK Consumers. 

The UK Government is one of the world's leading advocates of the vaping industry and we have a tightly regulated market which supports the consumer but at the same time provides a stable and secure environment.

We want to provide consumers with a marketplace that offers them a great range of products in safe environment, compliant with the UK Government not the whims of US Federal and state regulation.

Age Verification

E cigarettes are an OVER 18 product. We recognise this and have undertaken all steps to ensure we reduce the risk of sales to under age consumers.

We have partnered with leading edge Age Verification technology providers, Verify My Age. they are the partners of choice for, and Shopify, so we are keeping good company when it comes to compliance.

Every customer is required to confirm the fact that they are over 18 years of age. This is the law. If you have a problem with Age Verification then unfortunately we are not allowed to allow our responsible retailers to sell you any products.

Please verify your age it keeps the marketplace safe for all our users.

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