Million People Vaping in the UK
  • UK Government and the National Health Service say Vaping is 95% better for you than a cigarette
  • UK Government adopts the world leading approach to Vaping as a cigarette cessation tool

Simple steps to start selling online
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  • Register to become a vendor
  • Complete the Registration form
  • Choose your Subscription Plan
  • We will approve your account
  • Start Listing your products
  • Start Selling

Simple Pricing Structure

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Our Pricing is simple to understand. You choose a subscription level that you are happy with. Then dependent on the Plan you have chosen you only get charged a fee when you sell something.

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Introduction to Vape Shoppers

Welcome to www.vapeshopper.co.uk ,the UK Dedicated vape marketplace, Vendor Registration

We just wanted to say thank you for registering and welcome.

This is a new marketplace launched in the UK for the UK vape market.

We are a multivendor marketplace open to UK Vape retailers.

Vape Shoppers do NOT sell on this platform. We are not your competition, we are a technology company offering a service to the vape industry.

Recent research in the UK suggests that by 2025 50% of retailers in the UK will be trading on a marketplace. Now is the right time to join us. Get in early and get registered. The search engines will start to pick up your listings and cache your listings.

Our Charges

We have a simple fee system.

We charge a monthly subscription fee depending on what level you want to subscribe to.

We charge a commission based on a percentage of the sale value ( This varies depending on the subscription you choose but starts at 15%).

We have an age verification system that charges 40p plus VAT per transaction.

Our fees are deducted from your account wallet prior to your funds being released to your chosen account. We make funds available after 48 hours from the sale being completed. This allows us to reconcile the bank and make sure everything is sorted. You can request a funds transfer from your Vendor account.

We ask that you maintain a £100 minimum balance in your wallet. This is to ensure that all fees are settled prior to release of funds and to cover any credits that may be required for customer refunds.

Recommended bank

We work with www.Vivawallet.com, no we don’t work with Paypal. We recommend you open an account with them because funds transferred between us and another Viva wallet account are free (please note we will charge a transfer fee for money sent to a UK bank and a separate fee for international bank transfers).

TPD Compliance

Please can you comply with TPD regulations. As experienced vape retailers we work on the basis that you know the legislation. However, if you have any questions please contact us. Better to be safe than sorry.

For example ( This is not a complete list)

  • ·       Maximum 10ml bottles for Nicotine inclusive liquids
  • ·       Tanks and pods must have a maximum 2ml capacity
  • ·       Nicotine shots cannot be included in a listing with a Shortfill liquid
  • ·       Bubble Glass extending the tank size beyond 2ml cannot be sold on this site.
  • ·       E liquids cannot include nicotine above 20mg/ml
  • ·       All kits and coils must have a nicotine warning on the packaging



We are not currently integrated with the Royal Mail as a result you need to purchase your postage through a Royal Mail account. We are working on this and will let everybody know as soon as it has been sorted.

CBD related products

Currently we are not allowing CBD related items to be sold on the platform. We will review this in the near future.

That hopefully covered off the main issues? If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or the team.

Welcome again to Vape Shoppers.


Harry Jaques


Vendor Development Director

You can contact Harry by email to harry@vapeshoppers.co.uk


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