An introduction to Vape Shoppers

Welcome to Vape Shoppers! We have established ourselves as a result of the difficulties that vape retailers have come to face in the Ecommerce space due to the overly severe and hostile stance which certain platforms have taken towards the industry. 

A number of us have faced challenges utilising, Amazon with similar issues blighting those trying to operate on eBay in partnership with PayPal which has taken several months to resolve itself. 

We experienced all of the above, particularly in light of PayPal’s actions during the of autumn 2020 which effectively completely closed down chunks of the vaping industry overnight.

That was when the idea for Vape Shoppers was born. 

There is a better way. Let’s move away from the huge, global, faceless platforms who have left us in such precarious circumstances and have shown their true colours towards the success of the industry. Let’s work together to build an online UK marketplace with some of the best retailers all in one place to support our industry. Built by vapers, for vapers. 

It is our intention to support the vaping industry by lobbying our own contacts within the Government and working closely with our vaping industry connections to support our community. We can do this better by ourselves. 

So here we are! the dedicated UK marketplace for all things vaping. Our mission is to grow a multitude of passionate UK vape retailers, attracting some fantastic customers and the best brands to our platform.

Vape Shoppers has been established with cutting edge online marketplace technology developed to specifically focus on the UK marketplace, working closely with leading payment merchant providers Viva Wallet who have fully committed to supporting the vaping and CBD industry -unlike providers such as PayPal who have committed to distancing themselves from the sector. We also work with Verify My Age who are the UK’s leading – potentially even European or the even globally - largest and most respected age verification technology platform. With Age verification becoming one of the fundamental elements of any over 18 e-commerce activity we only want to work with the best. Trading Standards are increasingly scrutinising underage transactions taking place online and so it is more vital than ever to take this growing challenge seriously. Verify My Age integrates with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Wix and a plethora of leading platforms and established themselves as the industry standard. We only intend to work with the best. 

When we launched Vape Shoppers it was clear from the start that we must be upfront with the compliance issues surrounding products only intended for over 18s and as the regulatory activity has increased this issue has become more critical than ever. In the age of increasing regulation and legislation such as TPD it is vital that the industry continues to uphold the highest of standards due to being categorised alongside tobacco products.
Vape Shoppers is committed to ensuring TPD compliance in all aspects and require our vendors to understand and ensure conformity. Vendor activity will be monitored, and we will take a firm view on any TPD compliance breaches brought to our attention.


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